Dreamcatcher (Black Vinyl)

Dreamcatcher (Black Vinyl)

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Dreamcatcher on 180g Black Vinyl

The songs on our album "Dreamcatcher" were written and recorded between November 2011 and October 2012. Drums were recorded in July in Roth Recording Studios and engineered by Dieter Roth. Guitars, Organs, Vocals and additional instruments recorded in Spirit Stone Studios during September and October 2012. Lead vocals recorded at Wireworld Studio in Nashville and engineered by Michael Wagener.


Tracklist "Dreamcatcher"

01 Blowing Up
02 Holy Smoke
03 Making Me Wild
04 From Venus I Came
05 Dreamcatcher
06 Crossroads
07 Gipsy Queen
08 Raven
09 Wake Up
09 Spacetrippin´